My Australian Boyfriends

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Yes, make me pancake darling! -poking hubby with spoon-

Just kidding. I don't have boyfriend let alone a good-in-kitchen hubby. TT

Stop galauing here. Food is my boyfriend :D *cheering myself*

Yes, I'm now talking about my favourite boyfriend. Stacks of pancake! :D
This is from a lovely Australian Cuisine Restaurant called the ROCKS
JUst like its name, it really rocks! Both my world and my mouth :D

This pancake menu is called original pancakes, thick pancakes, strawberries, flood of maple syrup, butter, vanilla ice cream and the sweet icing sugar :D

This is what keeps me smiling while writing. The serving was so perfect. On a wide white plate, with warm maple syrup and the soft textured pancakes. Don't forget the sweet and milky ice cream :D

And there will always be another menus. This is my another affair partner. -geplaked-
Chili Baby Octopus with Mashed potato. At first glance, it was so ordinary that I even doubted how come octopus babies cooked with chili-based sauce?
But the first impression never guarantee anything. I tried a bit and fall in love with it :D the spicy sauce makes the baby octopus tastier and less boring and not fishy at all :D
The serving was so neat that the sweet babies are covered under the fried shallot slices and lettuce. SO here's a clearer view of them

And this is my last boyfriend -STOP MENTIONING THAT WORD WOULD YOU?!-
Sorry TT

It's Called Creamy Fish. Why Creamy Fish? To be honest, the authoress knows NOTHING at all. So, maybe that's because they have mayonnaise and milk based cream under the  food piles. The creamy fish itself is a dory fish. Its texture was so soft that the cooker needs to be very careful not to tore them into pieces. But my favorite part from this menu is: Creamy Fish is grilled, and it has lots of vegetables with mashed potato so that I don't have to choose between health or a delicious meal. It's Fish, grilled, vegetables everywhere, stomach-fulfilling mashed potato is also there. hehe.

What do you think about my favourite Australian folks, guys? Share your thoughts :D