100Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

100Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo is the first Doraemon Expo that held in Surabaya. It had already held in Jakarta before. It starts from December 7th until February 14th 2016. The expo's venue is in Grand City Mall, Surabaya. 

Inside the expo there are many kinds of Doraemon's miniatur but not as small as miniatur. They are bigger. All of the Doraemons have many kinds of themeThere are many gadgets and things that used by Doraemon that we used to know in the cartoon or comics. We can also take photograph inside Nobita's house. You can also meet Nobita, Giant, Shizuka, Suneo, and many more. 

It is so fun visiting this Doraemon Expo. You can flashback to your childhood moment in the 90's when you were still watching Doraemon on television, reading its comics over and over, singing along the Doraemon's theme song, and many more. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can have so much in here. 

At the end of the Expo, don't forget to take a look at their shops. They sell many kinds of Doraemon things, such as car pillow, t-shirts, glasses, dolls, tumbler, and many more. The most special that you must buy is the Hot Cappucino! You can customize the garnish on top of your cappucino. You can choose your favorite Doraemon characters.

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30.000)


Date : December 7th 2015 - February 14th 2016

Place : Grand City Mall, Surabaya

Ticket : Adult IDR 90.000 ; Child IDR 55.000 (exclude TAX)

Promo : Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Weekdays, Disc 20% on Weekends (for BCA cardholder)

Instagram : @doraemon100expo

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Hello Peoplee.....
Welcome BACK!! Sorry for not posting anything for a very long time. I'm busy with university's assignment. Lot lot lot of assignment. And this is the other assignment I got.

This assignment especially for INDONESIAN peopleee.
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Hey Guys..

Sorry for not bloggin for a very long time
I've been busy with my orientation week in university and there are many tasks I have to do..

So here I want to introduce you my product
It's BET"S
BET'S sells many kinds of Indonesian traditional cake, such as Bika Ambon, Lapis Surabaya, Lapis Legit, Lapis Mandarin, Roll Cake, and Brownies.

Each cake has many kinds of flavour you can choose..
Our recommended cake is Bika Ambon and Lapis Legit

This cake is very suitable for many occasions such as, birthday party, office meeting, hang out with friends, snacks at home, picnic, and many more



Contact: Angelica, 089606073408, line: anqi02, BB: 25FF28B3

Best Mix Drink In Town

Share Tea

Today I went to Galaxy Mall, one of malls in Surabaya, at Manyar. So I took the chance to try the new drink shop at there. It's because Galaxy Mall is quite far from my house.

There I bought 2 drinks. One is Taro Smoothie with Pudding and Classic Pearl Milk Black Tea.

The taro is very delicious and refreshing. You can the taste the unique flavor of taro and the smooth pudding which so match.

The classic pearl milk tea is also very good. It is very different from the other drink shop. It is also not so sweet, so it is suitable for those who are in diet, do not like sweet, or who avoiding to consume sweet things.

I recommend all of you to buy at SHARE TEA. It is located at Galaxy Mall, at the 4th floor near Din Tai Fung Restaurant.

And every drink you buy will get a stamp. If you collect 10 stamps you'll get 1 free drink.



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Extraordinary to Eat

Do you know about cakes?

We all love cakes..
Cake is something that usually served at a special event such as birthday, wedding, christmast, etc..

We usually just an ordinary cake with the round or rectangular shaped..
But now the cake can be transformed into a very extraordinary shaped as you want it to be..

Let me introduce you to the CAKE BOSS, Buddy is the named of the owner..
He creates many spectacular cakes according to the customers demand..

Here are some pictures of his cakes..

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The Snack Stadion

Well actually we've planned to post this entry since the heat of Euro Cup semifinals and finals burn our football hearts.
What are you going to do if you got a lot of friends coming to your house to watch the football party together with you?
Oh well, you'll need to buy them a lot of snack, and the only place that still take orders at 3am in the morning is the fast food franchise.
And if you still get some time before the game is started, you can try to pile your snacks in very artistic ways.
Last but not least, may the force be with your favourite team xD

Eating Tradition in Indonesia

We know that while we are eating there are some traditions or attitudes that we have to pay attention especially when we are in foreign country..
Now, lets start with our own country, INDONESIA :)

Number One..
Indonesians always eat with a spoon and fork, sometimes with hands. Spoon in the right hand and fork in the left hand.

Number two..
You must wait for the host to offer you eat or drink before you do it.

Number three..
Both of your hands must be kept on the table while eating.

Number four..
The one who invited to the eating is paying for the meal.

Number five..
After the meal you must thank to the host and the hostess.

Don't forget those eating manners :p hehe
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Panna Cotta de Italiano


Panna Cotta...

Mmmm, maybe this dish sounds familiar but you forgot what it looks like..

Maybe you are wondering what is panna cotta?

Panna Cotta is one of the Italian dessert.
It's a type of a pudding.

It's originally came from the Northern Italian region of Piedmont
It is eaten all over Italy..
Sometimes, it is served with berries, caramel, chocolate sauce, etc..

It's not known exactly when and how Panna Cotta is created
Some theories said that cream, from which mountainous Northern Italy is famous, was historically eaten plain.

The old recipes used boiled fish bones in place of gelatin, sugar, later a main ingredient, wouldn't have been available anymore because it was an expensive imported commodity.

Now, it is made by simmering together cream, milk, and sugar, mixing this with gelatin, and letting it cool until it is done.
It is flavoured with vanilla and toped with fruit or sauces and served chilled.


PANNA COTTA at La Rucola
topped with chocolate or strawberry sauce :9


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